Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Golf Grip Tips to Improve Your Game

The golf grip is something which is overlooked. It can be the source of many problems and particularly slicers of the ball. You may or may not have heard some golf grip tips. I have picked up lots through the years and find some effective. The correct golf grip is crucial to perfecting your game and I want to share 7 tips with you.

1. Use The Fingers
People tend to use the palm of the hand more when gripping a club and this can result in problems and a loss of distance. Gripping the club with the palm of the hand will lead to a loss of wrist action which then affects the distance.  You want the wrists involved in the swing and to do this use the fingers more to grip the club. Using the fingers more will increase the amount the wrist can hinge.

2. Gentle Grip
It is simply not true that you have to grip it hard to hit it hard. There are too many people out there guilty of this. Choking down on the club is not the way to go. Gripping the club harder can actually result in a loss of distance and other problems. Find a grip that is just right you are looking for a grip of about 5-6 out of a scale from 1-10.

3. Vardon Grip (Large Hands)
The Vardon grip is a golf grip you may have or not have heard of. It is a well known grip for distance. The grip was made famous by Harry Vardon in the early 20th century. It is a commonly used by professionals and is taught by many professional golf instructors to beginners. It is a grip were the fingers are used more than the palm of the hand.
To perform the Vardon grip all you do is simply put the pinky of the trailing hand and place it between the middle and index finger of the leading hand. For a right handed golfer the trailing hand is the right hand and the left hand is the leading hand. These roles are reversed if you are left handed. The leading hand thumb should fit snugly between the trailing hand. This is a grip which works well for players with larger hands.

4. Check The “V’s”
Always check the “v’s” which are formed by both hands. On the left hand you should be able to see the first two knuckles and the “v” formed by the thumb and index finger should be pointing at your right shoulder. The “v” formed by the right hand should point towards your chin or slightly towards the right shoulder.

5. Baseball Grip (Small Sized Hands)
This is good grip for people with weak wrists and small hands. It’s a grip which is perfect for the beginner who is just learning about the fundamentals of a swing. It is also known as a ten finger grip.
The baseball grip is a simple golf grip to use. Take your grip with the left hand (leading hand) then place the pinky finger of the right hand (trailing hand) close to the index finger of the left hand (leading hand). The thumb of the left hand will then be placed snugly between the right hand.

6. Interlocking Grip (Medium Sized Hands)
This grip locks the hands together but there is also a risk were the club is gripped more with the palm of the hands. It is a good grip for beginners and people with weak wrists and forearms.
It is an easy grip to apply, simply intertwine the pinky of the right hand which is the trailing hand around the index finger of the leading hand. The thumb of the left hand should then fit nicely between the trailing hand (right hand).

7. Forehand Strength Is Key
Strong forehands and wrists will ensure a good powerful grip. Exercising these 2 areas will result in more power.
There are many ways you can exercise these areas but the simplest method I have found is to use a club. Hold the club straight out in front of you with the last three fingers of the left hand. Next step is to use the wrist and move the club up and down about 10 times. Doing this regime 10 times with 3 sets and a minute’s break in-between the set is a sure way to build up the forehand and wrist power. A simple exercise like this will lead to more power and a better grip.